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For training institutes our generic VR training applications are a good addition to their training program. For several courses we have developed training applications, like for example "veilig werken langs de weg" and "working with electrical equipment". These training applications are suitable for each company that has to comply with training standards for quality marks.

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VR Training preparing a milling machine
VR Training Management System

Why our VR training applications

Replacement of practical training


Besides learning the theory it is also necessary to train practical skills. A few problems can occur by applying practical training. Therefore there are three main reasons why training in VR is a good replacement for practical training; no training material is needed, you can train safely at any location and situations can be simulated that are not predicable.

Generic training


Having a VR training developed is often an expensive matter. Therefore we developed several generic training applications that can be used by multiple companies. Examples of generic training we offer are "veilig werken langs de weg" and the training for the NEN3140.

Licence system


For the generic training applications we use a licence system. This way you only pay for what you need. Do you want to know more about our current training applications or the prices? Please contact us.

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Virtual Reality for the industry
VR Training Performance Dashboard

Training measurably with performance analytics

Measurable results


Data is retrieved, analyzed and saved from each VR training. In a realtime dashboard you get insight in the results of the trainee. The speed at which the trainee has completed the training, the mistakes that are made and how accurate the training has been done: these are just some facts you find in the performance analytics.

Safely learn from mistakes


Because we simulate situations there is no need to train employees on the workfloor. With this method dangerous situations are avoided and the trainee trains safely and can make mistakes. The mistakes are analyzed in the report and the trainee learns from them and sees what can be done better next time.

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Frequently asked questions

Which hardware do I need to implement your VR training? Meer informatie

A VR ready computer and a stable fool-proof VR headset cost approximately € 2500,- excl. VAT. Beside that you have to take into account approximately € 300,- installation costs by a IT-supplier. We work together with a hardware supplier and they know exactly which hardware is need to implement our VR training applications with also taking into account your demands. Optionally they can install the hardware at your location and answer your questions.

Is it possible for the trainees and trainers to start immediately with the VR training? Meer informatie

Trainees can follow a VR training on their own because of the way the training has been developed. First they can get used to training in VR by following the instruction with the VR headset on. Afterwards they can start training. There is no need for a specific experience or education level.

For the trainers we have developed a special Train-the-trainer program. In this e-learning we give information about the ins and outs of a VR training, how a training can be implemented in a training program, how the hardware works, we explain the dashboard and give examples of questions a trainer can get from the trainees.

Is it possible to make adjustments in a generic training so this training fits the special needs of my regular (industrial) client? Meer informatie

Because of the setup of a training we can adjust a generic training, with a supplement, to fit the situation from your client. We can make a different environment, change the procedure and also add logos from the client to the environment. Besides that we can developed client specific scenarios in addition to the already existing variations on the scenarios.

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