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VR training for training institutes

Our generic VR training applications are an excellent addition to the total training range of many training institutes. We have also developed an E-learning Train the Trainer. This way you are perfectly prepared for your clients and their trainees. Everybody can train safely at any time and any place. Unpredictable and unsafe situations are simulated quickly, often and responsibly.

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VR Training Academy


VR Training Academy


VR Training Academy


For your clients in industrial companies

More and more training institutes helps industrial companies to take a step towards VR training. And this is just a small step, with the growing number of VR training applications from the Virtual Training Academy. Virtual training fits seamlessly to the ambitions of companies for Industry 4.0. Technological innovations reinforce each other, particularly in practice.

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VR Training Academy

The benefits of VR training

  • Practical learning in VR applies the knowledge immediately
  • VR training can be done safely at any moment and at any place
  • The training is fully measurable, objective and can be followed live
  • It broadens the predictive performance of individual achievements
  • It enlarges the operational excellence of the production environment
  • VR training safes time, travel expenses and money
  • Virtual training reduces the total footprint of your company
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VR Training Academy
VR Training Academy

Ready for the future with VR training!

Do you have an industrial company as your client? Are they ready for the future? By using VR training applications you add a virtual layer to the current work environment of your clients. The Virtual Training Academy is there for your both during determining the business case and also during the implementation. You can rely on us for practical advice or professional support.

Our VR training applications are practical and effective. Your trainers ensure at the same time for a complete success. Our Train the Trainer E-learning is specially developed to help trainers deal with trainees and improvise in unexpected situations and this in a relaxed way.

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