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VR training for the industry

VR training applications for industrial companies

For several industries and companies our VR training applications are specially developed by Serious VR. This way your professionals learn to use new machines and new production processes without interrupting the production processes. Practical scenarios are easily and purposefully simulated. Each training is a learning experience by making mistakes in a safe way and learning from them.

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New machines? Different procedures? Temporary colleagues?

Experience a variety of VR training applications at the Virtual Training Academy

More and more companies in the manufacturing industry take a step towards VR training. And this is just a small step, as a large variety of VR training applications is available at the Virtual Training Academy. Virtual training connects seamlessly to the development of Industry 4.0. Technological innovations reinforce each other, especially in practice.

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VR Training Academy
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The benefits of VR training

  • Practical learning in VR applies knowledge immediately
  • VR training is safe and possible at any location and any time
  • The training method is fully measurable and objective
  • It broadens the predictive performance of individual achievements
  • Increases the operational excellence from the production environment
  • VR training safes time, travel expenses and money
  • The total footprint of your company is being reduced
  • Professionals train familiar in their own language
VR Training for operators in the industry
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Start your own: Virtual Training Academy

Companies with global operations often have their own Academy, in which both management and executive teams train with each other or undergo further training. All very practical and targeted.

Adding training in virtual reality enriches your training pallet, but also the internal branding and employer branding from your company. Ask yourself the question: who does not want to work for a very special company that also organizes everything with virtual reality perfectly?

Are you ready for the future in the manufacturing industry, like for the smart Industry 4.0? With VR or other forms of extended reality (XR). you add a virtual layer to your current working environment.

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