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VR training is an upcoming replacement for practical training and this training method is becoming more and more popular in the training world. This is due to a combination of factors. A VR training can be followed at any time and at any location at the world. Potentially dangerous situations can be safely simulated and, with the training applications we offer, you gain real time insight in the results of the trainee.

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Virtual Reality voor de industrie

The benefits of VR training

Replacement of practical training


VR training has the possibility to replace practical training. But why should you do this? There are three very good reasons for doing so. To train in VR there is no need to rent a location, you do not have to shut down production processes and trainees can safely practice dangerous situations.

Train on their own learning speed


Trainees can train on their own learning speed because there is not need for hiring a location and the training can be followed at any time and multiple times in a row. They can practice as much as they need without disturbing someone or without needing a location or the presence of a trainer.

Measurable and objective results


Data is collected from our VR training applications. The results of the training done by the trainee are presented, analyzed and saved in our performance analytics software. Trainers gain realtime insight in the results of their trainees.

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VR Training Performance Dashboard
VR Training Academy Systeem

What does the VR Training Academy offer

Easy online application


Trainees, trainers and the management gain access to our online application when you take our VR training applications. Here they find the VR training applications and the dashboard with the performance analytics with the results of the training done by the trainees.

Collecting data


The training data from your trainees is collected in our online application. The speed of the training, the number of mistakes made and in the future also competences like "accuracy". This data gives a good insight in the performance of your trainees.

Pay for what you use


You pay for a VR training with a licence. You only take the VR training applications you need. This way you pay only for what you are using from us. A licence for a VR training starts only at € 20,- per user per VR training. Do you want more information about our training applications or the prices? Please contact us.

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VR Training

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VR Training Innovam

A VR training consists of

VR Instruction


The trainee learns the sequence of actions for doing a certain procedure. Remembering the sequence is trained in the instruction. Making mistakes is not possible: the trainee continues the training when the right action has been done. During the training there are different types of guidance, for example a voice-over that says what the next action is or a high-light of of the object that is used for the action.

VR Scenario


Trainees can make (virtual) mistakes and get feedback on them. Because of this they do not only learn to do the actions, but they develop also skills and apply them in a different situation. By brining variations in the situations trainees also train different fault scenarios. Specific malfunctions are for example trained this way.

VR Assessment


By assigning scores to the mistakes and speed of the actions automated assessments are executed. This way the assessments are completely independent from the assessor and therefore objective. This is very helpful if you want to test and measure objectively who the right candidate is for the job.

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Hardware-equipment for VR
HTC Vive

Training space and hardware

Needed space for VR training


To train professionally in VR a free space of minimum 2,5 x 2,5 meter per person is needed. With the current technology it is possible for multiple trainees to train simultaneously in the same room. With a room of 5 x 5 meters is is possible to have 4 trainees to train at the same time.

VR hardware


Each trainee needs their own headset and computer. The costs for a VR ready computer and a stable fool-proof VR-head set are approximately € 2500,- excl. VAT. Of course we are there to advice you about the hardware needed for a VR training.

The installation process


After buying the hardware it is important to install this in the right way. Per set (VR headset and computer) you have to think abut approximately € 300,- installation costs by an IT-supplier.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to use the VR training Meer informatie

There are several options possible for a VR training room. To train professionally in VR a free space of minimum 2,5 x 2,5 meters per person is necessary. With the current hardware technology it is possible for multiple trainees to train in the same room gives good simultaneously. With a room of 5 x 5 meters 4 trainees can train in the same room. Each trainee needs their own headset and computer.

A VR ready computer and a stable fool-proof VR headset cost approximately € 2500,- excl. VAT. Beside that you have to take into account approximately € 300,- installation costs by a IT-supplier. We work together with a hardware supplier and they know exactly which hardware is need to implement our VR training applications with also taking into account your demands. Optionally they can install the hardware at your location and answer your questions.

If there is a change in a procedure, does this mean I need a whole new VR training? Meer informatie

No. Because of the unique set-up of our training applications we can switch parts (models) and change the sequence of the procedures. Of course the changed training will be tested thoroughly to prevent bugs from happening.

Can everybody follow the VR training, also our foreign employees? Meer informatie

Because of the digital character of the VR training, a training can be executed in several different languages. A training is offered standard in Dutch and English. We work with computer generated voice-overs for the instruction and the help system. Therefore we are flexible and the costs are limited to offer the training in another language like Czech, Polish or Swedish.

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