Performance Analytics

Due to our performance analytics software every VR training is completely measurable. In our online application you can see exactly what a trainee has done, how much time it costed, where there is room for improvement and what the score is in relation to other trainees. This way you always get object results per trainee.

VRTA Dashboard
VR Training performance dashboard

The importance of Performance Analytics

A VR training is fully digital and this is the reason we can measure everything with our software. Therefore we developed our performance analytics. In your own online application the data is collected from the finished VR training applications. This way you can assess each trainee based on his of her performance.

Besides this our software is also a very good to for relocating employees or for testing candidates for an open position. You see immediately which trainees perform above average based on objective data and you make your choice based on performance.

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VR Training Management System

How does our software work

Our performance analytics software works very easy: everybody can use this. If you buy a VR training from us, you get immediately access to our online application. Trainees, trainers and the management find the bought VR training applications there and also the performance analytics.

Data from the finished VR training applications are collected in the performance analytics software. We gladly show you how this works in a live demo.

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VR Training for the industry

Why VR training

The three benefits


It is necessary to practice theoretical knowledge in a practical situation. This can be a challenge due to the availability of the training material, safety and if it is possible to simulate situations. When using VR training you do not have these challenges. These can be done at any time and always in a safe way.

Objective and measurable


The VR training applications are measurable in our performance analytics software. This tool measures the performance of your trainees and even compares them to each other. There is no need for a trainer to evaluate the trainees by himself, the software takes care of this. The result is much more objective and also less time consuming.

Save time and space


To follow a VR training a free space is needed from 2,5 x 2,5 meter per trainee. This means that it is not necessary for a trainee to train on the machine or near existing processes. This saves time and space, but also has the advantage of training in a safe way.

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VR Training Verspaningsmachine Gereedmaken
VR Training performance Dashboard

What do we offer

Generic and specific training applications


For several companies we have developed customized training applications for very specific training issues. Besides that we have also developed several generic training applications. Does you company need to require training demands to keep a quality mark? We might have developed the practical training in VR for this which you can use immediately. Contact us for more information about or current assortment.

Pay for what you use


Do you want to buy a VR training from us? Then you pay only for that training and for the number of trainees you need. A licence for our VR training applications starts just at € 40,- per trainee per training. Do you want to know more about our training applications and our prices? Please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the analytics software function? Meer informatie

Whether you are a trainee, trainer or management, our tool is made so it is usable for everybody. The analytics software measures several elements of a training. For example the speed, the number of mistakes made by a trainee and how accurate the trainee has done the tasks during the training. We gladly show you in a demo how the analytics software looks and what you can do with this.

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