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The power of VR

What is the effect? How can you make the difference?

The professionals you work with, remember what they have learned the best by doing. The systematic approach of the Virtual Training Academy makes the difference with regards to virtual training. The power is in what you do by yourself! This has the largest effect.

The problem in practice

In practice learning is simply watching and listening. Traditionally mechanics, operators, technicians and engineers are trained and retrained at working machines under the supervision of a personal instructor. This a potentially unsafe, labour intensive and unproductive method of learning, which causes to interrupt the company processes.

VR Training Academy

Changing the approach

The standard approach of training can really be changed! In the last years instruction videos became more popular. Trainees watch standard presentations and worksheets during an online training. They complete a theoretical exam digitally. They learn from this, but research shows that trainees only remember 30% of this kind of training. It is only what we see and hear! This can easily be improved.

VR Training Academy

The solution: VR training

Opposite of passive instruction videos you find active learning by doing. Research shows that with this method 80% of what a trainee learns, will be remembered. It is what we do! Practical training by themselves is much more effective, than personal instructions from a distance or to discuss remotely practical situations.

The key to successful practical training for industrial companies is our scalable way to train your professionals. Without the necessity of real machines and live instructors. VR training uses the successful elements of instruction and combines both approaches. For the operational excellence of your company and the predictive performance of your professionals.

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