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Work safely along the road VR training

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Work safely along the road VR training

  • Inclusief VR instruction, scenario en assessment
  • Inclusief Personal achievements are shown
  • Inclusief Train different practical scenarios
  • Inclusief Results are shown on the dashboard
  • Exclusief Excl. VR headset and controllers

VR training Work safely along the road

Work safely along the road is a mandatory training for every one who is working along the road. The VR training Work safely along the road helps trainees to learn the right procdure in a quick and effective way while being in a safe and digital environment.

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Train roadwork virtually

Dangerous situations can occur for both drivers as for people working on the road, when work needs to be done at the road. Accidents happen regularly on several roads, where work needs to be done. Therefore it is very important that people working on the road learn to do their work in a safe way. However it is complicated to learn these procedures in a real situation. At this moment the training is often done in a room where trainees practice with magnets or similar to simulate a situation. But this does not represent a very realistic situation of the actions and the precautions that need to be taken.

In this VR training we simulate practical situations and trainees train in a safe and realistic way. The employees learns to place signs at the right place. The goal is to divert the traffic the right way, so there is a safe place for the people to work on the road.

This training is unique because the trainee immediately sees the consequences if a sign is place at the wrong place. The impact on the traffic that drives on the road is directly shown.

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What you learn during VR training

  • The trainees learn to perform the complex actions of safely closing off a road section in the correct order
  • By training different practical scenarios trainees learn to work in a problem solving way
  • The VR training dashboard gives insight in the achievements of the trainee, with the result of goal oriented training
VR Training Academy

Train different situations

Due to the fact that the practical training is done in VR, multiple situations can be trained. Not only the ideal situation but also differing situations.

The training is fully generic. This means that it can be used for every company that has to meet the guidelines for Work safely at the road. The training meets the standards that are set by CROW in cooperation with SOMA Bedrijfsopleidingen.

The training Work safely at the road is a practical training. The trainee also needs to learn the theory. Often this is done by a training institute.

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