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NEN3140 VR training

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NEN3140 Safety training

  • Inclusief VR instruction, scenario en assessment
  • Inclusief Personal achievements presented on the dashboard
  • Inclusief Train different practical scenarios
  • Exclusief Excl. VR headset and controllers

VR training for NEN3140

NEN3140 is used for working with electricity in a production environment. Normally it costs a lot of time to do this practical training, because everybody that works in a factory has to follow this training. It also meant that a lot of equipment needed to be bought to train someone. Now this is no longer necessary because trainees can train in a safe VR environment.

VR Training Academy

VP training and VOP training

Trainees can do both the training for VOP and VP in VR. In the VR training for VOP (Voldoende Onderricht Persoon) the trainee learns to do simple actions on a low-voltage installation. The VR training for VP (Vakbekwaam Persoon) learns the trainee how to work independently in a safe way on an electrical installation.

The same virtual reality environment with the necessary machines and equipment is used in both VR training applications. In the training for VP (Vakbekwaam Persoon) the actions in VR are more complex than for the training for VOP

VR Training Academy

What will you learn during VR training

  • The trainee learns to secure the environment in the correct order based on the NEN3140 regulations
  • By training different scenarios trainees learn to work in a problem solving way
  • On the VR training dashboard the results of the training are shown
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