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Lototo VR training

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Lototo VR training

  • Inclusief VR instruction, scenario en assessment
  • Inclusief Personal achievements are shown
  • Inclusief Train different practical scenarios
  • Inclusief The results are visible on the VR training dashboard
  • Exclusief Excl. VR headset and controllers

VR training Lototo

When maintaining machines or installations in the chemical or food sector, it is very important to secure these beforehand. This prevents the installation or machine from being accidentally switched on, while an employee is still working on it. By securing the machine, serious accidents are prevented.

VR Training Academy

Securing a machine

In the VR training trainees learn the procedure for securing the machine with a double block & bleed. In this way, trainees can perform the necessary actions in a safe manner and also keep a checklist. Before starting the VR training, the trainee draws up a safety checklist together with the trainer on the basis of a PI&D schedule. This is then carried out in VR.

Because the practical training is now in VR, multiple situations can be trained. Not only the ideal situation, but also different situations. The training is completely generic. This means that it can be used by any companie that works according to the Lototo procedure for the securing of machines and installations.

The VR training Lototo is a practical training. The theory must also be done. This is often done by a training institute.

VR Training Academy

What you learn during VR training

  • A trainee learns to secure a machine according to the right procedure,
    before maintenance work will be done
  • After succeeding the VR training the trainee can do a try out in a safe way
  • On the dashboard of the VR training the achievements of the trainees are shown
    and this gives insight in the results and makes better feedback possible
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