Grinding machine preparation

VR Training Grinding Machine Preparation

The VR training from Andritz Metals makes sure that everywhere in the world it is possible to train safely for the preparation of a machine.

VR Training maintaing the grinding machine
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Virtual training to prevent damage

We have developed three different interactieve training applications for Andritz Metals. The clients of Andritz Metals have to be able to maintain their machines. This can be a very costly matter, because a certain part cost 50.000 euro. It can cause a lot of damage and costs when this part placed in the wrong way.

In three different training applications the trainee learns how to maintain the whole machine. Because the machine has different parts that need to be maintained, we have made three different training applications.

VR Training grinding machine demantling
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Learn quicker without traveling time

The virtual training applications developed for Andritz Metals do not only safe costs but also time. In the past clients had to come to Germany to be trained to work with these machines. For example in Mexico there is a lot of changes going on in the personnel. It happens very often that different employees have to work with the machine. With each change in personnel, training needs to be done again. With our solution training can be done safely in a virtual environment. The virtual training applications are made in multiple languages so they can be used worldwide.

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Experience our VR training applications with a demonstration. We gladly show you how a VR training can be implemented, how it works and how the results are measured and analyzed by our performance analytics software.

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