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VR Training Nouryon

The VR training for Nouryon learns trainees to work safely with chemicals.

VR Training Metal Alkyl Unloading
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Learn how to work
safely with chemicals

For Nouryon we have developed a VR training to work with chemicals. A container with a certain material needs to be connected to the factory at clients from Nouryon. This material is very flammable if it comes in contact with oxygen. When a mistake is made during this procedure, a fire starts immediately. A dangerous situation that needs to be prevented.

By training in VR a trainee can safely practice making the connection between the container and the factory. Mistakes can be made without putting someone at risk.

VR Training Nouryon Metal Alkyl Unloading
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Save costs with virtual reality

Before developing the VR training and training with it, the practical training used to be done at a location from Nouryon. Or a trainer went to the client and trained at their location. For this reason the trainer had to fly all across the world to train employees. Now it is possible to save on costs for the training, the location and time of the trainer.

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