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The VR Training Academy offers VR training applications. You get direct access to the online system with the training applications, and you can view the results in your personal dashboard on our performance analytics platform.

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Our philosophy

In our society, theoretical knowledge is often valued higher than practical skills. But we think otherwise. A true professional is recognized by his actions and how he solves complex issues. That is why we develop practical VR training applications that are fully measurable. Because only then you can focus on the performance of an individual.

VR training for the rolling machine
VR Training Performance Dashboard

VR training for the industry

For various industries we have developed a range of VR training applications. The training applications we offer are client or machine specific, but we also develop generic training applications such as the "NEN3140 VOP" training. 

Where people work, mistakes are being made. Many of these mistakes can be prevented by thorough training. But why train someone at the machine when this causes delay? With a VR training we simulate situations; someone can make mistakes and learn from them in a safe way. An additional advantage is our performance analytics software, which shows exactly where there is still room for improvement for the trainee. 

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The solution for training institutes

A training institute can offer one or more of the generic training applications we have developed to their clients. In our portfolio, for example, we have "order picking" and the training for the NEN 3140.

Because of the generic approach of these training applications, they are applicable to any company that needs to comply with training standards for quality marks. There is no need anymore to hire expensive locations. A practical training is executed in a situation simulated by VR. And it is simple: you buy a license from us, and your client has direct access to the training.

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Experience our VR training applications with a demonstration. We gladly show you how a VR training can be implemented, how it works and how the results are measured and analyzed by our performance analytics software.

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How others experience

our VR training

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Head manufacturing and Service Apollo Vredestein Ltd
Martijn ter Haar
Head manufacturing and service @ Apollo Vredestein Ltd 

“I am fully convinced of the added value of VR training, and it is a matter of time before the whole industry starts using this method.”

President Technology Solution Nouryon
Johan Landfors
President Technology Solutions @ Nouryon 

“These VR training applications are very convincing, and I am enthusiastic about this. It is not only beneficiary to us, but with this method the whole chemical industry can be made much safer.”

Prins Constantijn van Oranje
Prince Constantijn van Oranje
Envoy @ Techleap

“It is fantastic that you can move and act in a virtual environment. This application is much better than any other application I have seen so far.”

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